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Bright, airy, eclectic (with a slight boho feel) family space.

Looking back at my portfolio designs is like a Facebook TimeHop of my career and it is so very nostalgic to see how things have progressed. It may even feel *almost* as good as seeing those sweet toddler pics of my 12-year-old.

Of course, there were many projects that lead to this one, but they were all personal, or consultations for close friends. While not a cold call, this was a referral from a friend and a client that I hadn't met before. The task at hand was to make their military housing feel homey and more put together. We were able to repurpose some of their collected items and added several new items as well to help bring the entire look together. I was under strict instructions to make it feel more grown-up, but also maintain a high level of family-friendliness since they had four children. My client's style was very eclectic with boho, traditional, and contemporary styles woven throughout. Super straightforward, right?

The first task was to wade through their collected items and keep the ones that were meaningful and/or useful and to get rid of the items that didn't serve a purpose and/or they didn't like. It is crazy how we can keep so many things that don't bring us joy. A big part of what I do is helping my clients with this process. Check out the before. Lots of collected items in here!

When you're designing for nomadic clients, you also have to really consider pieces that may most easily work in future homes. Keeping those "investment" pieces super versatile (like an accent chair or modular pieces), and working with more budget-friendly items so they won't end up spending a ton on items that they may not be able to use again.

Here are a few additional spaces I also designed for them. I love this family room. It is open to the other sitting room, so we worked within the same palette and used coordinating curtains. Maintaining a budget is always important, so we reupholstered the chair on the left, sourced a sectional from Costco, and incorporated some accents from West Elm, Target and HomeGoods.

In the dining room, we utilized that bolder blue from the other spaces for some more dramatic color in a larger space. Here, you can also see a project piece. I walked my client through a DIY chalk paint process for her buffet. Perfect for breathing some new life into an existing and functional piece.



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