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Like our designs, our process is personal and intentional. As the go-to design firm for busy professional families, we understand the demands on your time and attention so we make it simple and seamless for you. With our extensive background in client services informing our processes, we take leadership of your project, acting as your expert guide and ensuring every detail gets done efficiently and effectively.

Giving each project the attention it deserves is our highest priority. In fact, it’s what makes our designs and client experience so special. We typically book about 6-12 months in advance. If that works for you, please go ahead and schedule that welcome call below and we’ll be happy to reserve a space for you on our 2024 design calendar.


Our signature service and most popular option for busy clients, this approach provides concept to completion, concierge-level attention for everything from renovations to furnishings. Our exclusive roster of vendors and craftspeople allows us to give you a design that’s fully customized to bring out your personality, create efficient living solutions, and make your house feel like home. We’ll take care of everything for you while ensuring your spaces reflect who you are and how you want to live. Book a welcome call to learn more.


Don't live in Southcentral Alaska? No problem! We work with clients all over the U.S. and can remotely help with your house either one or two rooms at a time or as a whole. This service includes consultations, mood boards, sourcing items, and more. To request a project, simply click below. Please note that, as stated above, our design calendar typically books about 6+ months out.

For this service, your welcome call will be sooner, as there is some preliminary homework that is required before the design process can start. Your booking secures your spot on our calendar.


Would you believe that we look at paint chips for fun? It's true. We love color! We also understand that for most people, from subtle neutrals to saturated bolds, selecting colors can be overwhelming. With this service, we help you choose a palette that’s just right for your home and your style. We help take the uncertainty out of selecting paint and even ensure it compliments the existing items in your home. We spend 2-3 hours, over two separate visits (the first to select potential colors and the second to confirm the selections once samples are up on your walls) and can address up to 4 rooms for $850.



Upon booking a call using the links above, we’ll send you an email that includes our design process in detail, but in a nutshell, here’s how it works






This is where we ask all the right questions to get to know you and understand what you need in your space to make it function efficiently and feel personal to you.






We dig into our resources

and our problem-solving imaginations, coming up with ideas and selections to transform your house into your beautiful, functional home.





We put on our project management hat and get to work making your design happen.


For furnishings projects, we handle every detail of ordering, shipping, and receiving so you never have to think about any

of it.





This is where we bring the design you’ve been dreaming of to life in your home!


For furnishings projects, we style every detail to perfection so your home is elegant, beautiful, and ready for you to enjoy when you walk in!

Still have a question or two about how it works?


“Not only was Beth easy to work with, she truly listened to our needs and helped us create functional spaces based on how we wanted to use them. I loved Beth’s ability to get me to think outside the box in all the best ways possible, elevating what I thought I wanted into something even better.”


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