Giving each project the attention it deserves is our highest priority and what makes our designs and client experience special. We typically book about 4-6 months in advance. If that works for you, please go ahead and schedule that welcome call, we are happy to reserve a space for you on our 2023 design calendar. Staging projects (for home resale) are still available with shorter notice.

Home Decor


Sell your home faster and for top dollar by incorporating home staging. We work with realtors and homeowners, whether you need a consultation or a full styling, we can help. Our consultation is $300 and includes 2-3 hours with the homeowner and a full staging report of DIY items to complete.


Vacant staging pricing by estimate. Empty homes spend more time on the market and receiver lower offers. Our vacant property services can fix that!

Rolls of Wallpaper


So you bought a new house? You need a refresh? You have a new baby? You need a work from home solution? Let us help you make your space beautiful and functional with our signature service. We will bring out your personality, create efficient living solutions, and make your home feel like home. From renovations to furnishings, we can help achieve your design goals and work with you every step of the way.


Book a welcome call to find out more.

Tidy Desk


Don't live in southcentral Alaska? No problem. We work with clients all over the country and can approach your house room by room, or as a whole. This service includes consultations, mood boards, sourcing, and more. To request a project, simply click below.

Please note that our design calendar typically books about 4-6 months out. Your welcome call will be sooner, as there is some preliminary homework that is required before the design process can start. Your booking secures your spot on our calendar.

Hand Holding Color Swatches


Did you know that we look at paint chips for fun? It's true. We love color. From subtle neutrals to saturated bolds, selecting colors can be overwhelming. We will help you choose a palette that is right for your home and for your style. We help take the uncertainty out of selecting paint and help ensure it compliments existing items in your home. We spend 2-3 hours and can address up to 4 rooms for $375 (additional rooms, charged by the hour).



Sometimes you need help tying together a few rooms, or you want a designer's eye to select finishes before you take your sledgehammer to the wall. In our Design Day service, you'll have six hours of design time (part together, part behind the scenes) where we'll tackle your most pressing projects and prepare a comprehensive and specific design plan for you to implement after the session. With a week of designer support, you can finally finish off those projects with confidence knowing you're going to love the end result.