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The spaces we create let you enjoy all the best of living in Alaska by giving you an oasis in your home where you don’t have to feel like you’re roughing it! Our designs bridge the gap between the functional requirements of Alaskan homes (hello, muddy breakup boots!) and your desire for something more sophisticated and polished –something that feels like a refined reprieve from the ruggedness of Alaska life.

At Forty Nine Interiors, we live for helping our clients fall in love with their homes. Giving spaces new life with transformational redesigns is our specialty and we pride ourselves on making it all happen seamlessly for you. As creatives who are deeply passionate about our craft, we are committed to infusing energy and enthusiasm into every design, providing you with beautifully refined designs that not only complement your daily lifestyle but actually improve it





Beth McDonough, Owner & Lead Interior Decorator

Mat-Su Valley & Anchorage, Alaska

My passion for design began at a young age. My mom always had creative endeavors of her own, and I was right by her side soaking in every detail. She helped me in executing my ideas for my room, from refinishing furniture to selecting the perfect paint color using fabrics for inspiration. She taught me an appreciation for the finer things in life and to love the history and beauty of collected items (my childhood home was practically ‘heirloom central’!)

It is because of her that I have the courage, confidence, and discipline to get the life I want. This has served me well in everything from teaching myself how to sew when I couldn't find the perfect crib bedding for my daughter's nursery to teaching myself how to effectively and professionally run an interior design business.


While I was born and raised in Alaska, I have lived all over the country as an Army-wife.“Collecting states,” I like to call it. With limited time in each location, I never wanted to waste a moment living in a space I didn’t love.I became an expert in making a house a home, whether small cosmetic updates and decorating or major renovations. I noticed that as I designed and finished those spaces, I felt more at-ease and happy. I understood how our surroundings directly impact our overall wellbeing and even saw it in my family and the spaces I designed for them. For all intents and purposes, they were my first clients. Creating spaces that made them truly and deeply happy became the foundation of my design philosophy that to this day remains rooted in personalized style and customized functionality.

I value fun and happiness. I am lighthearted and goofy, but I know how to get down to business. I'm positive and optimistic, but also realistic. I take my clients' lifestyles and tendencies seriously and never try to fit them into a box of how they “should” or “should not” live in their homes. I always tell my clients not to clean up for me when meeting in their homes. I need to see what's actually happening so I can help them make the most impactful changes.


With a BA in Business Economics from Willamette University and an extensive background in client services, I've created beautiful interiors for busy professional families for over a decade, officially launching as Forty Nine Interiors in 2019.


When I’m not busy designing, you can find me hitting the slopes with my family, reading a historical fiction book, or indulging in reality TV (admitted Bravo aficionado right here). I also love to travel – from road trips to trips abroad–and am always dreaming of my next journey. Exploring new places, different cultures, and (let’s be real!) shopping around the globe fills me with inspiration.


Forty Nine Interiors is a full-service, Alaska-based interior design studio with a focus on creating functional, beautiful spaces personalized to your unique life and style. We believe your home should be a place where you can feel renewed which is why our mission is to reimagine your under-functioning spaces that don’t reflect your personality into something that lets you feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and at ease. We put our

problem-solving skills and our design talents to work on your behalf, creating beautifully personal, efficient spaces and letting you enjoy refreshed living made functional in your home on a daily basis.



“Beth was able to combine form and function effortlessly and created spaces that reflect our style and character as a family. I highly recommend Beth and Forty Nine Interiors!”

- AMY L.

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