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Seating and Scale Transformation in this Dining Room

One of the most common opportunities I encounter as an interior designer, is scale appropriate furniture and fixtures. I see this issue ALL the time. Not only is it important to have adequate seating for the home -- if your home sleeps eight, you should at minimum be able to seat eight people in the dining area, but having the correct size furniture for your space also greatly impacts the way the room feels.

The transformation that took place in this dining area included a new, size appropriate dining table and chairs and a new gorgeous chandelier.

It is amazing how a few simple changes can really impact a space.

And, now for the before. I love looking back at the starting point!

If you think you've got a scale issue in your home, it could be as simple purchasing new furniture, but also take into consideration if there are limiting factors. In this home, we found the chandelier location to be limiting as the position of the light fixture would mean that the size appropriate table would be sitting in the middle of a walkway. Since relocating the junction box was going to be a big project, we opted to use a swag to bring the chandelier to where the center of the table should be. Bingo. We were able to get the right size table with adequate passage space as well.

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