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Beautiful butterflies and layers of texture designed to make this little girl's bedroom cozy and bright.

Butterfly Girls Bedroom

This design was one of three girls' bedrooms I designed for my client. That's a lot of little girls! It was important to me to have each room have its own design personality. So, I started with each child's actual personality. While I didn't get a chance to meet this little girl, I did speak with my client to get an idea of the direction to head in creating my design and plan for the bedrooms.

This little girl was described by my client as a "very girlie-girl girl" who loved all things pink and princessy. The home was a new build, so we utilized the existing neutral paint and really upped the girlie-girl anty by adding loads of pink, whites, ruffles, and butterflies. I wanted this room to be a space this 6-year-old would enjoy presently, but also still love for years to come. So, bring in the gold accents, the soft green/grey/aqua nightstand, the timeless white ceramic lamp, and the more mature butterfly print. Fluffy, quilted voile linens to make her feel like the Princess and the Pea, plenty of floor space for lounging, reading, or playing dress-up, and a beautiful full-length mirror for fashion shows.

I love how this space turned out and I feel it is a great representation of my design philosophy -- for how you can design your home while keeping the future in mind. As a mom, I understand how kids will grow and change as will their desires for the decor in their bedroom! So, I tend to be pretty practical when it comes to selecting base furniture pieces. I look for versatile pieces that will look great with many different decor items or multiple color palettes. When I talk about base pieces, I'm talking about those bigger ticket items, usually beds, nightstands, and sometimes art. Swapping out decor items like bedding or artwork is a much easier and typically more cost-effective task. Will this little girl be a girlie-girl forever? Maybe. And a room this beautiful might help.

Sources for my design were loads of PotteryBarn Kids and Teen items (I personally think they really offer great kid-approved designs that still feel elevated). Nightstand is Ballard Design, Sheets by Monique Lhuillier. Mirror and hamper from HomeGoods. Shelves and floor cushions from Target.


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