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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Happy new year, friends! Once my holiday decorations have been put away (still not there yet, but around the corner), I'm always looking for a simple palette switch with the arrival of a new year. Aiming for something a little fresh, but still anchored with some warmth since we're still in the dead of winter. I love the idea of pairing this combination with antique fishing buoys in a large creamy white ceramic bowl and some silver accents.

Utilizing a pillow from a past post because a) I love it and b) I'm practical like that, this is a fun combination with a tiny retro nod with the Arches pillow. I love the texture and interest in this trio. It is so common to struggle with pairing pillows. Finding the right combination of patterns and textures in your pillows can be challenging. I hope you found some inspiration here!



Go ahead. Get the pillow. Click images below to shop.

This post contains affiliate links. With no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission for the referral. Enjoy!


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