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I love color. I also love neutrals. Either I'm fickle, or I tend to find beauty in everything. Here are some tips for adding an accent wall that works cohesively with your space.

This photo is from a personal project a few years ago (okay about 6 years ago. wow! time really flies). I love this deep Benjamin Moore hue, Newburyport Blue. After transforming this space with new floors and a new fireplace, I added a bold wall to my otherwise very neutral first floor. I love the coziness it delivered to the family living room.

What makes an accent wall really work (beyond the actual color selection tone and richness), is how you also work that color into the space. You can see subtle hints of navy in my pillows (also in the adjoining rooms too), complimentary accent colors, with added pops of more berry/pink tones to round it out. But, what I loved the most was adding the color in our area rug. I love the feel of the color wrapping from the floor up the wall. It makes it feel cohesive, intentional, and made a tremendous impact. I can say this through experience, as previously I had a different rug in the room that went more with the tones of the fireplace tile. It wasn't horrible, but as soon as I put this one in place, it was like "Ah-ha!! ... that's what was missing!"

These photos are also a great example of how repeating tones in a room is very grounding. I love a collected/curated look for my own home. So, I also really like to layer that base of colors (blue, white, leathery brown in this case) with many other colors - greens from plants, metals, glass, paintings with many colors, books, patterns, and other smaller accents.

And, because I just can't resist a great before shot ... here you go!


Love this look? Need help selecting a color for your accent wall? LET'S COLLABORATE! I love to help my clients select that shade that reflects their style! Yes, I have tried-and-true colors, but I also think it is so important to how you enjoy your space to have that color be reflective of you.



Becky Kubitz
Becky Kubitz

Where did you get your wood shelves and how wide are they?

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