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Balance, function, beauty. Essential needs for a great Great Room design.

Designing and decorating a great room can be a real design challenge. It is truly like designing three rooms in one. If you've ever given it a go, then you know what I mean. (And also why designers usually charge more for great rooms) It takes careful planning and balance.

An average great room includes a living space, dining space, and kitchen. I'm thrilled to share a little more of this space - so far, only peeks of it have appeared on my Instagram feed. It is a perfect example of creating a harmonious great room. Here are a few considerations when designing a great room.

Color Palette

Create a color palette with enough variety that when you repeat colors throughout, your palette doesn't wear its welcome. It can kind of have a journey through the space, but there must be continuity of sorts. I loved using whites and natural linens in this space, paired with loads of texture, natural elements of leather, woven goods, and woods, and then popped with color in the living space.


Yes, this is a great room and the idea is that you can function throughout the space, but don't be afraid to define the space too. Create an actual conversation area in your living room. TV watching is a big part of most lives, so of course, find a smart space for that, but also create conversation areas. This space has a lounge area with a deep chaise sofa, but also comfortable club chairs a sunny side chair and even pull-up seating on some great camp stools.


Adding texture and pattern creates depth in a space. These elements can be delivered in pillows, rugs, artwork, plants, lighting. Look for commonality in your accessories, but don't be afraid to add wow in the details.


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