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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Sweet, dreamy, relaxing, playful. All things I would use to describe this simple, girly, but not too girly, vintage-inspired room.

I loved creating this space for a special little girl. I love the combination of soothing tones of lavender and silvers and brighter pops for accent. And, because this is a real space, for a real little girl, we've got to incorporate those beloved items - like that bright pink teddy bear (and other stuffed animal storage), twinkle lights, a bookshelf, and hooks for purses and necklaces.

Most of these items were selected to grow with her, so she could use them in future room designs (because she won't be seven forever). I love, love, love white furniture in general, but it just works so incredibly well for girls' spaces at it is really never outdated. The dresser and gorgeous mirror were our splugier items in the space as the intention was to keep them for the long run. The bed was a thrifty outlet purchase that got a little DIY braided headboard detail. The lamp also got a DIY treatment of simple linen ruffles wrapped over a plain lampshade to subtly complement the bedding and curtains.

Because every beautiful room deserves to see where it came from, here is the before image. Additionally worth calling out ... These are both real estate photos, so it is a perfect demonstration of how much bigger a staged room looks. People! Just. Stage. Your. Space. When your room looks spacious and lovely, you will get a higher return on your big investment. Just sayin'!


Need something like this in your little girl's room? I'd love to design it for you. Let's collaborate!



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