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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Even beautiful bathrooms need staging.

Check out this beautiful bathroom. It has all the hallmarks of a desirable bathroom for buyers. The tile is modern, unique, and luxe. The color palette is neutral. But, believe it or not, it actually had more noticeable drawbacks prior to staging. I am going to show you why staging is so important when you're not only trying to attract buyers, but also wanting to get top dollar for your property.

This property actually sat vacant on the market for about nine months prior to my staging of it. (I'm happy to report that after staging, it sold within a month!) So, even though the property was new, beautiful, and in a great location, staging really allowed for those positive features to shine.

Staging your home means drawing attention to the positive aspects and detracting from any negatives. Even when a house is new, if it is empty, the potential buyers will pick apart every detail. If there isn't anything to make the house feel like home, they won't emotionally connect to the home and they will focus on any faults they can find (even if they are tiny, like, "look at how this trim piece isn't perfect").

Through a professional stager's eye, we see this in the bathroom.

For good measure, you should check out the before photo. You can now probably easily tell that the bathroom feels stark and void of warmth. A professional stager's goal is to create that desired feeling of home the "this is it!" feeling throughout the home. Even in the bathrooms.

We create that ideal lifestyle with touches of luxury (even just fresh linens and soap sets). The lifestyle that buyers are seeking and once they feel it in your home, they will want ... no, make that NEED, your home.

  1. Art. You should absolutely have art in your bathroom. It gives personality and interest to the space and helps to bring in additional color.

  2. Plants. Plants belong in every room, in my opinion. The depth and touch of nature they bring is unachievable otherwise.

  3. Fresh linens. White, white, white! People feel the cleanliness of a bathroom coming through in white linens. And, buyers really prefer to buy homes with bathrooms that are clean. Of course. And, white is a secret photography trick. Well, maybe not secret, but it really helps!

  4. Soap set. This seems sort of frivolous, but trust me, it matters. It is the icing on the cake, a touch of fanciness that buyers aspire to have. They don't have to be expensive, they just need to look fancy.


If you're selling your home, or if you are a Realtor and want to provide quality listings for your clients (and want to bring them top dollar offers), let's collaborate.



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