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This airy creative space demonstrates great use of space for multipurpose needs of a busy family.

Sometimes a home needs a room to be multifunctional. One bonus space that works as an at-home office, kids' creative area, hang-out space, etc. With elementary and middle school-aged kids, this family was needing less toy storage and more desk space for projects and games as well as floor space for wrestling, lounging, movie watching, video gaming, sleepovers, and dance parties.

My first priority in this space was to update the fireplace by removing the raised hearth. Raised hearths take up valuable floor space and are actually very hazardous for rambunctious kids. I found this simple concrete tile that was perfect for the project. I only had to go to three Lowe's locations to get it! lol (I know some of you have done this!).

The next order of business was white paint, my most favorite value-curtains from IKEA, and fresh carpet. The transformation of this work-from-home space was just so lovely. It quickly became a favorite hang-out space for the entire family.

From a staging perspective, look at how incredibly terrible this room shows in this before photo. Can you even believe it is the same space? The updates really are relatively small, but WOW, what an incredible difference.

Functionality is so important to everything I create. I analyze the amount and type of storage needed and try to create ways to handle it. Also, I feel displaying kids' work is so important. If you create an easy, clean, aesthetically pleasing way to display and change it out, you're setting yourself up to succeed and to still enjoy your space. I love picture ledges. They're super easy to build and are so highly functional.



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