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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Highly functional (& fun) kids bathroom

You know the bathroom ... that hallway bathroom that is supposed to serve three bedrooms in a family home? Typically a built-in vanity with a door to the toilet and tub room. It's dark, there's rarely a window with natural light. The biggest problem in these spaces is the small area in the tub and toilet room. With the door swinging in, no one much larger than a pre-teen can get around in there. Ok. You get the picture. My solution ... ditch the built-in vanity to allow for a sliding door. It doesn't have to be a "barn door" if that look doesn't work for you, they can be built for any aesthetic.

I'm all about function and boy this easy swap totally nails the functionality in these tight hall bathrooms. And while I love the look of two mirrors, that isn't a practical choice for a bathroom serving three bedrooms. This way, three kids can really be using the sink area at the same time. Also, never use towel bars again. That is all. Hooks are where it's at! Set your kids (or yourself for that matter) up for success. Hanging towels has never been so easy.


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