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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

One of the major roles I play for clients is problem-solver extraordinaire. Funky space? Weird layout? Conflicting styles? You're not alone. It is actually one of the top reasons people seek my help.

This particular client has actually been living in this space for about 15 years. They absolutely love their space, but have struggled with finding the perfect layout. The renovation of their home has been a long time in the making. I'm lucky enough to call this client a dear friend, so I've been hearing her talk about their desired plans for the space for years. They are confident in their style - sort of a mod bungalow with some refined undertones.

Once their renovation was set, they were ready to make sure the house got a refreshed look with some new furniture, mixed with some favorite existing pieces. This is an important step in the process of fixing layout issues. It is possible that existing furniture is limiting your options or isn't allowing you to move toward a solution. She described to me the issue of the layout ... never having quite the right space for TV watching, fireplace gathering, or entertaining.

Here's that hack I promised to tell you about. When you have long or unusual room layouts, create zones. I changed their living room into two spaces: TV & fireplace area and window conversation corner/nook. They have an amazing backyard and view, so I used swivel chairs to allow both a more intimate conversation area or swiveled to be more toward the direction of the room. Doing this allowed for the dining table to find its final and natural position alongside the windows. This layout allows great flow through the room.

Client update: I was pleased to hear from my client that the vibrant color of the swivels actually draws people to that corner immediately. So, not only does it serves its exact purpose to create a conversation corner, but it actually invites people in and gets the conversation going!


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