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Updated: May 27, 2020

This space was refreshed for a cool, fun, entertaining-loving family. Their existing space didn't reflect their personality, and I had a fun time helping them explore their design styles and bringing it to life! I love the space because it is a great example of how some relatively simple changes can have a great impact.

My client originally came to me with a desire for a new sectional for their space. But, with a designer's input, you take can really take your space to the next level. My client was right, of course, she needed a new, more modern, and functional sectional for her space and I was glad to help her with that. But what I was noticing was more of a need to streamline her light fixtures, and in my opinion, that is what actually makes this space "feel" more thoughtful more balanced, and definitely more modern. we replaced her double island fixtures with recessed lights, swapped a few other flush-mounted fixtures with recessed lights, giving focus to just the pendant for the kitchen table and the family room fan. In total, I think she had SIX uncoordinated light fixtures in the same space. You couldn't appreciate the beautiful ceiling work due to the light fixture confusion. Now it is clean and modern with a clear focus on the accents!

Sourced furniture: Sofa sectional is from Bassett Furniture, Coffee table was custom made, but looks a lot like the Restoration Hardware 17C collection, Rug is from Lulu and Georgia, Kitchen table chandelier is from Ballard Designs. (Please note that the rug link is an affiliate link. The use of this link will reward me with a small commission at no additional charge to you.)



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