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5 Ways to Decorate for Winter

As the winter months settle in across the United States, the allure of Danish-style Hygge design becomes particularly enticing. With more time spent indoors, the desire to maximize in-home happiness becomes paramount. I had the pleasure of sharing insights on this topic with AARP in their "How to Hygge your Home" feature by Susan Moeller. Today, I'm excited to share my top five ways to infuse that cozy warmth into your interior decorating, whether it's winter or any time of the year.

Bold, rich colors

One of my favorite ways to encourage coziness is with rich wall colors. If you're not ready to paint your entire space, this look can be achieved with large-scale artwork (I use this tactic often in designing spaces when painting is not part of the scope). By large, I mean don't be afraid to go big - we're talking 40 inch big. You can use a single piece or a series of pieces to achieve that overall size, and it can be actual artwork with rich tones, large canvases that you paint yourself, or even framed wallpaper or fabric. Deep, earthy tones like chocolate, mossy green, or a deep slate blue can transform your space. Balance these rich hues with light accents in furniture or rugs to maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere without feeling like you're stepping into a cave.


Illuminate your space with layered lighting. If you haven't already, it's time to introduce lamps into your living areas. Lighting plays a crucial role, especially in regions with limited daylight. Every room should have ideally have overhead lighting as well as floor lamps and table lamps. Keep the look elevated by incorporating a pair of lamps for a balanced and welcoming glow..


The key to ultimate coziness? Elevating your feet. Integrate a few ottomans or poufs into your space – they serve as both extra seating and a perfect spot to kick back and relax.


Cozy textures are a must. Soften your space with throws and pillows for a quick and achievable solution. For a year-round approach, consider incorporating textures through furniture or rugs, adding a tactile element that enhances comfort.

Captivating accents

Add accents that invite engagement. Curate a selection of magazines or coffee table books featuring captivating photography or interesting topics. Another favorite Hygge accent of mine is games. Choose decor-friendly options like wooden versions of classics such as Mancala or Connect 4, or keep it simple with a deck of cards housed in a beautifully crafted box.

Incorporating these elements into your interior design not only embraces the essence of Hygge but also transforms your home into a haven of warmth and comfort. Make every moment in your space a celebration of coziness and contentment.


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