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To be honest, I sort of feel uncomfortable with that phrase. Sure, I have a list of colors that I tend to use repeatedly, but when you're selecting a color there are just so many factors that I hesitate to even give specific colors so as to not be misunderstood. Before I show you some of my favorites, let me preface this with: I think you should still sample these before painting your entire room. Consider the tones of the fixtures in your space - tile, trim, carpeting, etc. Also consider the lighting - check out your sample during all parts of the day to see how it looks in various lights. Lastly, sample on multiple walls. It is insane how different they can look based on their position in the room. I'm aware that this may feel like overkill, but that is the designer in me speaking. I obsess about these sorts of details. Getting the exact right tone is really important to me. It is literally my job. Haha. If it were as simple as just selecting from a list of "good" whites, no one would need a designer. But, let's be honest. I think we've all painted something that just didn't feel right - and that's what I want for you to be able to avoid.

Neutrals are hot, hot, hot!

Find the right one for your space - try starting with one of these.

BM Pale Oak, BM Sail Cloth, BM Natural Cream, BM Hazy Skies

Whites are bright!

Every room needs its white, but holy WOW are there a lot, and boy is it easy to get the selection wrong. Choosing a white is probably the hardest of all of the colors. Here are a few I've used time and again.

SW Aesthetic White, BM White Dove, BM Glacier White, BM Chantilly Lace

Be bold!

Looking for a statement? I love a rich hue that has depth and interest. The trick is keeping the hue sophisticated. So many bold colors can end up looking tacky instead of elevated.

Jack Pine, Newburyport Blue, Wrought Iron, Night Train

Is your paint selection blowing your mind? I created my color consultation service for this exact reason. Most easily done locally, but not out of the question for my virtual clients.




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