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Natural Toned Kitchen Transformation

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

A classic case of less-is-more with this stunning kitchen update.

In this dated kitchen, the added accents in the cabinetry design as well as the many pendant fixtures were abundant. Rather than enhancing the space, it made it feel closed-in and the work area felt quite tight.

I was working in some other areas of the home first - as the kitchen project was a little further down the list. I did however, make a suggestion of a quick fix on the lighting in the interim as the pendants were literally in their faces sitting at the bar top. The temporary fix made a massive difference. We simply replaced all of the fixtures with "faux cans" and it really helped open up (and clean up) the space.

When it came time to do the full renovation of the kitchen, we made a few adjustments, but overall kept the same footprint. We dropped the island down to counter height and lightened up the finishes, choosing tones that were more cohesive with the existing tile flooring (which we were not looking to replace). We also chose to focus on only a few lighting accents - opting to showcase the fixtures over the dining table and over the sink, keeping the island open. Using the statement light fixtures over the dining table area also helped showcase their beautiful view - something that I really like to take into consideration (and often do, since the views are quite abundant here in Alaska).

Check out the full project here!


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