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Make your Primary Bedroom a Serene Oasis? Yes, Please!

This bedroom went from totally blah to complete serenity.

Transforming rooms through decor is my jam. This project would be classified as a furnishing project. We maintained the existing neutral paint colors but really made the room special by creating a plan for the space that included loads of brightness through linen. We replaced everything in the space and took care of it from idea to installation.

Wouldn't you love to stay here? Well, you actually can. It is a short term rental in Wasilla, Alaska that you can find on airbnb and vrbo!

Just check out the before! Feels so much darker, right? And, blah. So, blah.

So many bedrooms I walk into feel like this. Whatever the case may be - not enough time to decorate, no idea where to start, decision paralysis, we can help turn your blah bedroom into the relaxing oasis it should be. Through meaningful interior design and elevated client service, we see the process through from start to finish.

Want to have something like this done in your home? Start a full-service project with us here. Let us take you from blah to ooh, la la!


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