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Layers of linen and soothing tones make this master bedroom a real retreat!

When I think of this space, I feel so satisfied. The color palette is so soothing and exactly what I picture necessary when raising four little girls (as my client does). A master bedroom should feel like a relaxing retreat ... an escape from the chaos of everyday life. The kind that makes you want to hop into the bed every time you walk into the room. Or the kind you could spend all Sunday in.

This room also features some splurges and saves. The bed and bedding are splurgier items, while the artwork, lamp, and faux fern are saves. I truly believe that when you incorporate some luxe items -- larger scale, fine furniture, and lovely linens, your entire look is upgraded instantly. The artwork was a steal from HomeGoods at $24 and the lamps are from the Scott Living line at Home Depot and were about $50 apiece, but paired with the bed feel much higher-end.

The surprise hit in this room was the rug. There is no better feeling hopping out of bed onto a perfectly cozy, fluffy rug. Morrocan style rugs are a favorite of mine for styling and staging bedrooms and other cozy spaces. Whether new or vintage, there are so many styles to check out.


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