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I love decorating for teenagers. Most that I've worked with have been so interested in the process and enjoyed seeing their tastes and ideas expanded and come to life. Truly so gratifying.

This was a home decorating project that did not include paint as it was a new build with neutral colors ... so, we went with this as the backdrop and just infused the space with style, pattern, and color. Floral on floral with lots of black and white.

I love a teen space to feel a little grown-up and cool, but still have elements of childhood. We have our entire lives to be grown-ups, right? I love the Ferris Wheel artwork that I sourced from minted. It is just a great nod to teenage life. Vibrant and free! Wrought iron beds are a great fit as they go with so many styles, not to mention color palettes (heaven forbid a teenager to change their style and want to update their space to reflect it!)

Other must-haves? A full-length mirror and study space. My favorite bedroom hack is using a desk as a nightstand. Many bedrooms don't have adequate space for nightstands and dressers and desks. We have to pick and choose a bit. But, if you use a writing desk as a nightstand, you get the best of both worlds. And, we know first hand that extra study spaces are a great thing!


Love this space? LET'S COLLABORATE!



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