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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Welcome to my inspiration mood board series. I love creating cozy corners in homes and feel like with all the time we are spending in our home these days, creating getaway zones is a cool idea. We all need recharging and having areas designed for a single individual or as a quiet zone is a design idea I can really get behind. Designing spaces that improve our lives functionally is something I really enjoy doing.

This series starts out with a single inspiration piece. In this case, it was this beautiful light fixture. It feels unique, earthy, but still refined. I've used a single chair in the space, but a pair of chairs could work equally as well.

Want to shop this look? Here are all of the exact products I used. Please note that this post uses affiliate links. With no additional cost to you, I am rewarded a small commission.

Want something like this created specifically for you?



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