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  Why Stage Your Home?

Home staging can help your home get the value it deserves. Studies show that professionally staged homes sell quicker and for a higher price than vacant or unstaged homes. Forty Nine Interiors offers professional home staging for homes of all sizes. We work closely with realtors and homeowners to provide the level of service required. From quick consultations to a whole-home staging, we do it all. Our basic package includes an in-depth consultation and a full report of DIY staging tasks to complete.

It's important that you stage your home prior to listing it on the market. You only get one chance at a first impression, and we can help your home stand out. A house is a canvas of possibility. Buyers love seeing what is possible, and a professionally staged home lets them see some of the best ways to customize their new home. Home staging builds an emotional connection that increases the buyer's perceived value of the home.

A common misconception about home staging is that it hides problems with the home such as scratched floors or leaky pipes. At Forty Nine Interiors, we would never deceive or mislead the buyer. When we stage a home, we make sure that all necessary repairs and upgrades are performed first. We understand that no home is perfect. Our home staging process is about highlighting the strengths of a home, not hiding its flaws. The goal is to present the home in the best light possible. In fact, buyers are more likely to overlook undesirable parts of a home when it is properly staged.

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