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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

A color consultation? That's a real thing? You bet, and you need to know about it.

Have you ever painted a room and either had a terrible time in the process of color selection with trips back and forth to the store, sampling many colors? Or have you ever painted a room and just felt like something was off? The result not being what you were hoping for? Or, have you used a paint you heard good things about or maybe even loved in a previous house and it just isn't working in your space? Well, you're not alone. Paint color selection proves to be much more difficult task than most envision.

With loads of experience in what tones work well together and a very keen eye for color differentiation, we are here to make choosing the right paint color can be easy breezy.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider a color consultation and what to expect.

1. You ain't got time for that!

The number one reason you need a consult is you don't have time to mess around. You're busy and like to be efficient. You know your home needs an update and you're ready to get started.

2. Grey, beige, greige?

Not everyone can view color in the detail that is necessary to make the right paint color selection. Many people can feel that something is off in their paint color selection but aren't able to pinpoint how to fix it. Check out this cool Pantone quiz to see where you fall in the spectrum. (It measures color deficiency, so higher scores equate to color deficiencies). I scored a zero, which is a perfect score! (Hey, I've to take the wins where I get them. Plus, since I offer color consultations, it makes me extra happy that Pantone agrees that I know color. lol.) Selecting color can be quite complex. From lighting to undertones, there is a lot to consider.

3. Hello big investment.

If you're having your house professionally painted, you know you're spending a pretty penny. In my experience, painting a single room can run anywhere from $500 - $1300, depending on the details of the room. And, many times, we're painting much more than a single room, so now we're in the thousands of dollars, potentially. Not to mention the cost of the paint. So, with the investment you're making in your home, you might want to consider getting a professional/color expert to weigh in on the selections. It is just a fraction of the cost of the overall project. *The painters that I work with were so relieved to stop trying to give color advice to their clients. Often, they will just give popular color recommendations, but that doesn't mean the color will work in your space. Of course, there are tried and true colors, but which tried and true will work for you?

What you can expect.

I prefer to see spaces in person, when possible. Lighting is a major factor. I come with a lot of luggage, and by luggage, I mean giant briefcases of paint decks. (And, I'm tiny, so you when you see me coming up the walkway, you will likely be concerned. Don't be. I've trained for this.) Back to the process. So, since I have all the colors in the world with me, there is no having to run back and forth to the paint store. I look over all of the details of your space, cabinetry, floors, woodwork, fireplaces, furniture, etc. Any hardscape item that we are working around. By seeing the tones of those items (and taking into consideration your color preferences), I select a neutral, the right shade of white or cream, and an accent. (Sometimes these details differ a bit based on the scope of the project, but for the most part, these are the deliverables).

Then you get some homework. I leave paint swatches with you, so you can tape them on the different walls and see them in different lighting throughout the day, just to confirm. A color can change drastically based on the lighting at a particular time of day, or with a lack of light in the evening. So, I ask that you take a day or two to really go over that. If all looks well, I do like to take an extra step of sampling. I find it to be worthwhile, but the previous step minimizes the purchases of samples.

I have done this service for clients long-distance. There is a little extra leg work for my clients by taking photos of their finishes, etc., and I usually send more samples than I normally present in-person. So far, the color consultations I've provided in this form have resulted in happy clients. And, that's the name of my game.


Need help? Schedule your consult today.



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