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  Home Staging Cost: Is It Worth It?

As a seller, you want your home to get the value it deserves. Buyers have many options in the real estate market, so how do you make your home stand out? The answer is home staging. Professional home stagers can bring out the best in every room, highlighting the best features of your home to prospective buyers. You may wonder, is the home staging cost worth it? Studies show that home staging plays a significant role in how buyers perceive a home. Expert interior decorating helps buyers envision living in their new home. The right colors, furniture placement, spacing, use of natural light, and various other factors transform the story. At Forty Nine Interiors, we believe that every home is someone's dream home. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources needed to turn even the smallest, darkest room into an attractive space.

A big mistake many home sellers make is listing their house on the market too early. A vacant or poorly staged home can turn buyers away from the start. Without buyer interest, the seller is then forced to lower the price of the home, possibly multiple times, to make a sale. Don't take that risk. The average home staging cost is much less than the cost of the loss from a discounted sale. Choosing a professional home stager removes the guesswork. We can help your home captivate buyers in photos and create an even stronger connection when they tour it. Buyers are even more likely to overlook potential downsides of a home when it's properly staged. We're dedicated to helping you achieve the highest profit possible. Call us to learn more about our services and schedule your personalized home staging package today.

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