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The Best Color Consulting Services

The right colors can mean the difference between a house and a home. Maybe you bought a new house. Or perhaps your abode could use an update. Do you need help choosing the right colors for babies? We can help make your space vibrant, functional, and right for you and your family. We offer various packages to fit your color consulting needs. Our services range from a quick meeting to discuss colors to full home color overhauls with mood boards, sourcing, and much more.

You may wonder, are colors really that big a deal? Our answer is a resounding yes! While there's nothing wrong with having the iconic off-white on every wall in your home, updating the colors can improve your mood and energy. For example, having warm, muted colors in the bedroom can help you relax. Darker, bold colors in the office can improve concentration and creativity. We can help you choose the right colors for every room in your home.

We understand the conundrum that many homeowners face. Too many color options, too many rooms in the house, and too many different types of paint. Don't spend hours browsing the internet in circles when a professional interior decorator can assist you. Colors are our passion. From the subtle to the vibrant, we have innate knowledge of color matching, theming, and evoking the desired mood for a room. It's your home, so express your style.

Choose an interior decorator who can adapt to your needs. Call Forty Nine Interiors today to schedule your personalized color consulting or interior decorating package.

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