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A perfect hideaway for a big family Alaskan vacation. This home is a short term vacation rental, located in Wasilla, Alaska, filled with great spaces for the entire family. Bedrooms that feature sitting areas, a beautiful dining space big enough for all, library, and swimming pool.

This project focus was to create welcoming spaces for guests, equipped with thoughtful touches for your vacation.

Wasilla, Alaska

Full-Service Interior Design for Furnishing + Decor

4484 N_ web 2023-51.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-45.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-67.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-73.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-11.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-83.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-117.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-29_edited.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-134.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-4_edited.jpg
4484 N_ web 2023-28_edited.jpg
4484 coronado web-66.jpg
4484 coronado web-77.jpg
4484 coronado web-91.jpg
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